US: Hamas/Muslim Brotherhood linked CAIR shakes down business with workplace prayer demands…….


If you have people demanding not only prayer time, but places to do it in, these are the kind of workers you don’t want to employ at all.


In fact, if they’re recent immigrants, they’re not the kind of immigrants you want to draw to your country, they’re sharia supremacists.


Islamic advocacy group sues over workplace prayer

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GREEN BAY, Wis. (AP) — An Islamic advocacy group is suing a Wisconsin manufacturer, alleging it failed to accommodate 19 Muslim employees who wanted to take prayer breaks during work time.


The Council on American-Islamic Relations wants the Ariens Co. to rehire the former employees and give them back pay and damages. The group’s federal lawsuit, filed Wednesday in Green Bay, also asks the Brillion lawn mower manufacturer to reinstate a more lenient religious accommodation policy that would allow employees to take short breaks for prayers at different times, such as dawn and sunset.


The company offers two, 10-minute breaks each work shift and doesn’t accommodate unscheduled prayer time. The manufacturer fired seven Muslim employees in 2016 for taking unscheduled prayer time. Another 14 employees resigned over the issue.


More here. H/T TROP

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