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Finland: New Bahrain funding puts Helsinki Grand Mosque (beachhead) project back into debate…….


We need a grand mosque in Finland like we need a hole in our heads…


It just never seems to go away, these sharia supremacists never give up, just like card carrying marxists they plow ahead no matter what. I agree with UPI analyist Charley Pasternak:


The Helsinki City Council is heavily loaded with Greens Party members and a host of other left-wingers, the mayor is supposedly conservative, he’s been against the project from the beginning. But the whole issue of Islam being a detrimental force is always offset by those using the simplistic arguments of ‘equality’ and ‘minority rights’, when Islam is not a minority (world wide) and historically, can be proven not to be interested in equality for others not in their group. If we only had real debate about Islam, how intolerant and dangerous it is for any free society, this project would have been shot down ages ago. This needs to be rejected by every single Finn.


Helsinki Grand Mosque closer than before – an architectural competition already within half a year?

The Grand Mosque’s architectural competition is being launched. Funding is also subject to stringent conditions.


The Grand Mosque’s architectural competition is being launched. This is being discussed next week at the Helsinki City Environment Industry Board.

The performance prepared by Helsinki officials is a positive contribution to the mosque, but there are a lot of strict conditions. The most stringent rules apply to Mosque’s funding. Financing has caused discussion already before. Business Director Mikko Aho says that Helsinki needs help to track funding.

According to the proposal, funding must be transparent and transparent, and it must not cause inter-dependencies. The funding should be clear already three months after the decision on the design reservation had been made.

Other conditions are, among other things, the fact that the foundation of a large mosque should be the foundation that would start the project.

The final decision on the progress of the project will be made by the City Council of Helsinki at this year’s end.

If the city council’s decision is positive, architectural competition from the grandmother can be started. According to the proposal, the competition is to be announced six months after its approval. The opening of the design reservation and the architectural competition will not be decided by the Helsinki Board.

The project promoters are satisfied


The presentation of the officials is a welcome to the project. The show has been long overdue, and one of the project leaders, Pia Jardi, has clearly sagged.

– We’re happy. Now we can really discuss what it is about, and not side machinations, says Pia Jardi.

The Mosque Foundation has invited representatives of the Kingdom of Bahrain to Finland to tell about the funding of the mosque. A press conference will be tomorrow morning.

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  1. I sure hope that this does not go through! What is the point of celebrating 100 years independence if we cant secure that for the next 100 years?? Tatars never requested such thing to be built and they have integrated well. Why do we need to have a Mosque in the most remote part of the West?

    1. Well said! We do not need anything of the sort, in fact, it should be shunned, and anyone supporting it should be shunned as well!

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