Denmark Fighting Back MUSLIM SETTLERS

Danish People’s Party: Syrians can reunite with their families…….in Aleppo


I can’t argue with that, especially when we know the overwhelming majority have already traveled through safe countries already in pursuit of the best welfare options.



‘Syrians can reunite with families in Aleppo’: Danish People’s Party


Danish People’s Party leader Kristian Thulesen Dahl could see his wish for new asylum curbs fulfilled via budget negotiations with the government.

Denmark’s government, led by Prime Minister Lars Løkke Rasmussen, is currently locked in negotiations with parliamentary ally the Danish People’s Party (DF) in order to push through a new budget and tax cuts by the end of the year.


DF leader Dahl has asked for some of his party’s demands on immigration to be met as bargaining over the deal continues.


Rasmussen appeared on Thursday ready to change rules on family reunification, as well as on the return of asylum seekers granted so-called temporary residence (midlertidigt opholdin Danish).


Given that this type of temporary asylum is commonly granted for a three-year period, after which asylum seekers must reapply to remain in the country, rule changes would be likely to affect a large group of Syrian refugees who arrived in Denmark in 2015.


That group, which according to Rasmussen consists of 4,200 Syrians, will also be completely excluded from family reunification provisions should Dahl’s requirements be fully met.


Under current rules, refugees given asylum must wait three years before they are eligible for their families to join them in Denmark under the country’s reunification rules.


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