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Moonbat Sweden: Church steering group wants God deprived of ‘He’ and ‘Lord’ in order to become more gender inclusive…….

UPDATE: The Swedish church is now saying that they’re not banning the male nouns, ”It’s fake news”, then tell how they’re doing just that, but in certain places only.

Are you ripping your hair out over this one as well?


Regardless of whether you are a person of faith or not, this should come as another amazing example of cultural Marxism/feminism on steroids, just think Mao’s cultural revolution, where every facet of society had to be reorganized and history erased in pursuit of their radical puritanism. It can’t be a nutcase conspiracy when it’s happening right in the open before your very eyes and on a daily basis.

New Correctional Church Handbook – God is no longer called “he” or “Lord”


 A steering group within the Church of Sweden has for some time been working on developing a new church manual. This is considered to encourage “a more inclusive worship language”. God may now find himself deprived of his male gender – in the sermon referring to God as “he” or “the Lord” joins the new church handbook as a correction for misunderstanding.


But far from everyone in the church, shares the views of the steering group. The criticism has been tough and it is unclear whether the new church handbook can be voted on at the Kyrkomötet in Uppsala on Thursday next week. Motions have been written as rejecting both parts and the manual altogether. In total, there are 52 different motions related to the proposal for a new church manual.


The Church Handbook does not only control the language of the sermons, but also much about the worship services, such as the music to be played and the steering group has also made usams with the church musicians. The current Church Handbook is from 1986 and a revision of this was already decided eight years ago, 2009, but the political radical group has had significant difficulties in obtaining its amendments among the somewhat more conservative and traditional minded in the church around the country.


More here.

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