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Swedish Democrats leader Åkesson believes party can get 30% in upcoming elections…….


Remains to be seen however, but his optimism might not be misplaced when reviewing the track record of the major parties, including that of the Moderata, a collection of left of center, neo-statist pseudo conservatives. They’re all talk when it comes at the SD’s expense, but will not defend their new found interest in protecting Swedish interests, when and where it matters most. They want cheap labor as much as the RINO’s do in the US Congress and simply can’t be trusted on immigration matters.


  • SD still second largest party (swed)
  • ➤ In Yougov’s November survey, the Swedish Democrats receive the lowest support in two years, while the Moderates enter the place as the third largest party. V 7.6 …

Åkesson: “We can get up to 30 percent in the election”


➤ Despite the decline in recent opinion polls and upturns for the Moderates, the SD leader believes that more than doubling the 2014 election results is possible for the Swedish Democrats in next year’s parliamentary elections. But forming or sitting in a government is not a priority, Åkesson says.


It is in an interview with Dagens Industri that the SD leader forecasts an election result of up to 30 percent for his party. He acknowledges that competition from the Moderates has increased through the change of party leaders and announced changes in immigration policy.


But it’s up to evidence in action too, Åkesson believes that the moderate voters who switched to SD but now switching back can go to SD again when they notice that much of what is now communicated may be just chatting. In any case, Moderate Party will have major problems to agree with the rest of the Alliance, and then maybe compromise.


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