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Deposed Zimbabwe ruler Mugabe’s hint at murdering opposition during Finland visit went over media’s head…….


They must have been too enthralled with his-in-your-face revolutionary Marxist pedigree, to be cognizant enough to read between the lines in truly understanding what he was planning to do.


Any principled conservative who has a healthy understanding of Marxism, knows what the (now) deposed dictator was planning. He was using the same playbook the murderous Bolsheviks used in destroying anti-soviet forces after they consolidated power.



Alarm bells did not sound in Finland when Mugabe told his frightening plans after meeting Mauno Koiviston 1981

When Zimbabwe’s prime minister, Robert Mugabe, visited Finland on 1981, he gave a hint of his future plans.


Between 1980 and 1987, Mugabe sent his soldiers trained by North Korea to Matabele land to suppress the representatives of the political opposition with violence. In Zimbabwe, the massacre is known as Gukurakundi. It is one of the world’s forgotten atrocities, which has been compared to Srebrenica’s massacres.


“The mass graves are not marked, but they know where they are,” the opposition politician Dumiso Dabengwa said to the HS in 2009.


Over the years, Mugabe-led Zimbabwe has become a secluded country with sanctions imposed on its members of government.


The hero-Mugabe visited Finland in 1981 it would be his only visit.


When he spoke to the Finnish press, Mugabe said something that could have foreseen the future.


“The political opposition as the sake of an opposition itself, is a waste of time,” says Mugabe, according to Helsingin Sanomat. “We strive for a single party system, but we cannot say when it will happen.”



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