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Finland: Laura Huhtasaari nixes a federal Europe and the Center Party’s embracing of Islamic values, wants an independent Suomi…….


I wish that she had a fighting chance to win the top spot, but she has my vote nonetheless.

Huhtasaari: Headed to a EU federal state, only PS opposes – “The National Coalition’s home is in Europe, the Center Party wants Islamic values in Finland”


The EU is moving towards a federal state. Only The Finns Party is opposed to this development. The other parties are EU poodles, said Finns Party parliamentarian, and presidential candidate, Laura Huhtasaari, in a speech in Parliament.


EU:n suunta on liittovaltio. Vain perussuomalaiset vastustavat tätä kehitystä. Muut puolueet ovat EU:n puudeleita, totesi perussuomalaisten kansanedustaja, presidenttiehdokas Laura Huhtasaari eduskunnassa pitämässään ryhmäpuheenvuorossa.


The European Parliament voted last Thursday on a renegotiation of the Dublin procedure for asylum seekers. In the layout, the burden is allocated to EU Member States according to gross national product and population size without an upper limit. Only Finns Party Jussi Halla-aho voted against this.


– The values of home, religion, and country. The National Coalition’s (Kokkomus) home is in Europe. The  Center Party wants Islamic values ​​in Finland with the country being sold to international investors and the right of the Finnish people to decide on their own fate through the electoral process taken from them. The EU federation is progressing in every area. We have a common social policy, a common army, a common asylum policy and a common monetary policy, Huhtasaari lists.


Brexit gives hope


Ms. Huhtasaari thanked Brexit and the forthcoming elections in Europe, which give hope for the survival of independent nation states. According to Huhtasaari, a Europe of Independent States is still possible to save.


– We hope that with the launch of the brexit, the present-day EU will return to its roots as a purely commercial union. The Finns Party are in favor of dismantling trade barriers, but we no longer need guidance from the EU. Nor do we want Finland to be a lender when the British are no longer funding a fat European machinery.


The election campaign a travesty for democracy


The European Parliament elections are approaching. The EU is on its toes, because it seems that people may vote for so-called wrong people. The EU is shamelessly starting a tax-funded election campaign aimed at preventing people from voting for euro-skeptical parties.


“The presentation is so mindless that I have to quote from it:” The media doesn’t need finished material, but they do need good stuff and guidance. Media is a key factor in making positive narratives about the EU. “So the media needs guidance through tax money to create a better picture of the EU! This is the irony of democracy. The EU does not like referendums or democracy, Huhtasaari says.


Not a banking union or joint responsibility


Finland was the only Nordic country to renounce its monetary sovereignty, ie the markka. The Finns Party deems it was a mistake.


– The euro area has far too different countries to be able to form a functioning common currency area. In addition, the region has been included in the name of deepening integration, countries that did not even fill in the conditions for joining the euro area. The most brutal case was Greece, whose problems were well known in advance, but they were killed in the name of the promotion of the integration project, Huhtasaari recalled.


– Raising solidarity is not in the interest of Finland in a situation where the risks of the EU banking sector are concentrated in Southern Europe. Risk sharing would thus mean the transfer of Finnish taxpayers to foreign banks. We do not advocate collective deposit protection nor the implementation of a banking union.


Independent Finland back


The Finns do not see the European Union as useful for Finland.


–  Finland needs co-operation and is ready to do it, but we want to keep our sovereignty. No thanks to EU dictation, but thank you for cooperation.


– 15.11.1917 The Finnish Parliament declared itself to be the supreme power. Now that the federal government of the EU is proceeding, Finland’s parliament only has the role of implementing EU decisions. A country that does not value its sovereignty does not control its future. The Finns have a dream: an independent Finland, Huhtasaari reminds.

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