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Supposed Saudi Glasnost: Top cleric says Muslims can pray (engage in dawa) in churches and synagogues…….


Get out..!

Muslims attend Eid al-Adha prayer near Moscow Cathedral Mosque

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Do we want Muslims in our synagogues and churches praying to a foreign deity named allah? Here’s a cluebat  for those who think that this is such a great thing, a sign of a new openness towards the non-Islamic world. It’s all about making us into Muslims. It’s called dawa, and I’m not enthused nor enthralled over one of the head honchos in Saudi Arabia giving the green light to Islamic missionaries to invade our own holy places.


NOTE: What about a Christian heading to Mecca and chanting the Our Father or a Jew reciting the Shema?



Top Saudi scholar says Muslims may pray in churches and synagogues

JEDDAH: Abdullah bin Sulaiman Al-Manea, a member of the Council of Senior Scholars, has said that Islam is a religion of tolerance and mercy, not of violence, intolerance, or terrorism. Al-Manea stressed that Muslims should spread true Islam and follow the tradition of the Prophet in his tolerant treatment of people from different religions.
Al-Manea gave a fatwa (religious advisory opinion), reported by Al-Anba’ Kuwaiti newspaper, stating that Muslims may pray in Shiite or Sufi mosques, churches or synagogues. He noted that all lands belong to God, and cited the Prophet’s words: “The earth has been made a place of prostration and a means of purification for me.”
Al-Manea said that Islam is a religion of coexistence not of violence, and noted that Muslims cannot have differences in the basic principles of Aqidah (creed) of Islam, but they may differ in the branches.
Concerning dealing with non-Muslims, Al-Manea cited an occasion when the Prophet received a delegation of Christians from Najran in his mosques, and he allowed them to perform their own prayer facing Jerusalem. Al-Manea also cited other sayings of the Prophet which reflected his kindness and mercy with non-Muslims.

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