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Daniel Greenfield: Why Democrats turned on Bill Clinton, not about victims but money and power……..


Laura, (big Hillary supporter) the wife of Saska Saarikoski, who both work as journalists for the Helsingin Sanomat, blocked me on Twitter almost a year ago for calling Bill Clinton a serial sexual predator and alleged rapist. 


In light of all the allegations of, apologies for, sexual molestation and rape of women/men by famous men in positions of power, whether it’s in the halls of government or in Hollywood or in the private business sector, I think Laura owes me both an apology and an explanation. As a foreign news correspondent, Laura loves access to the Democrat Party machine whose information and sources forms the body of the articles she writes for the Helsingin Sanomat. That’s the reason why she’s a virtual Hellen Keller on info which would hurt her party of preference, the Democrats, and why her news reporting, as well as her husband Saska’s is shallow, inane and entirely predictable.



It’s not about his victims, it’s about money and power.



Daniel Greenfield

In the winter of ’56, Khrushchev told the 20th Congress of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union that Stalin may not have been a very nice guy. In the fall of ’17, the media began to concede that maybe Bill Clinton did abuse a whole bunch of women. And maybe those women weren’t really part of a vast right-wing conspiracy to make a bloated piggish progressive hero seem like he might not be a very nice guy.


Why are Democrats turning on the Clintons? Same reason Khrushchev turned on Stalin. They’re purging the Clintons for the same reasons that they defended them. They’re calling out Bill Clinton for his sexual assaults for the same reasons that they covered them up. It’s about power and money.


The Democrats smeared Bill Clinton’s accusers then. Now they’ll exploit them to throw the Clintons out.


The #MeToo campaign provided an opening. But if you really want to understand why the left is disavowing Bill Clinton, ignore the hashtags and look at the bigger picture.


Earlier this month, the rollout of Donna Brazile’s book raked Hillary Clinton and her campaign over the coals. The former interim DNC boss made the case that the Clinton campaign had rigged the primaries.

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