The Swiss feel more ”Swissy”, EU seen as being in eternal chaos……..



Anything that’s built upon the Belgian model, which the EU most certainly is, will be in perpetual turmoil.


Switzerland feeling more and more Swiss: EU seen as a “symbol of crises”

The German-language Swiss Schweizer Radio und Fernsehen (SRF) broadcasting company published an interview on 13 November. In it, Lukas Golder of the social research institute gfs.bern is asked about Swiss identity. The conclusion is that there is practically no ‘European’ feeling in Switzerland.




He was further asked: “Why do the Swiss feel more and more Swiss?”

“Ultimately, one can say that globalisation has changed Swiss self-understanding.
These new structures with supranational organisations like the EU are always in crisis.The changes in the last decades have also caused large migration movements, which lead people to concentrate on who they are themselves.
And people here noticed, that Switzerland very often was very successful and could avoid these crises. It was never that affected, offering an independent set of success factors, political as well as economic. We can absorb crises and we can be economically successful, even in times of crises.”


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