Bruce Bawer ISLAM IN THE USA Lying Bastards Lying Muslims

Bruce Bawer: From Mississippi to Ontario adults and kids alike being fed by Muslims the most grotesque of lies…….


This is how they (Islamic activists/leaders) make advances in society for Islam, they lie…


Just like the Left does on a daily basis, lie lie lie. It’s how they keep their base loyal. Classic Marx 101



From Mississippi to Ontario, adults and children alike are being fed the most grotesque of lies.


Bruce Bawer

It’s happening all over North America – including places you might think were too remote to even conceive of such activities. Take Missoula, Montana, where the local newspaper, the Missoula Current, reported last April on a group called Standing Alongside America’s Muslims (SALAM), formed a year earlier “to push back against a rising tide of Islamophobia.” The Current report on SALAM, as it happened, appeared two weeks to the day after the deadly suicide bombing in the St. Petersburg, Russia, Metro, by an affiliate of Al-Qaeda. (You already forgot that one, didn’t you?) The Current also brought the news that the Missoula City Council, in an effort to address supposed “waves of anti-Muslim sentiment,” had designated April 24-30 as “Celebrate Religious Freedom Week” to coincide with SALAM’s own “Celebrate Islam Week.”


What is SALAM all about? A tour of its Facebook page indicates that it’s especially focused on the fount of evil that is Donald Trump and on his satanic attempt to establish a “Muslim ban.” The page contains graphs and charts illustrating how few Muslims live in the U.S. and how few Americans die from jihad terror compared to other causes. (There are no charts showing the recent surge in both the population and deadliness of European Muslims.) One evening in September, SALAM sponsored a quiz about Islamic culture, containing such questions as: “What spice do Syrians like in their coffee? How do you say ‘delicious’ in Arabic? What stringed instrument do Iraqis play?” (Presumably there were no questions about the several different types of female genital mutilation, the Islamic penalty for apostasy, the punishments for homosexuality prescribed by various Islamic theological traditions, or the age of Muhammed’s wife Aisha at the time of their marriage.)


While delicately avoiding any mention of jihadist attacks, moreover, SALAM’s Facebook page does a great job of compiling stories about, for example, women who claim to have been called names for wearing hijab. It has also reprinted such garbage as a Foreign Policy article whitewashing Jonathan Brown, the head of Georgetown University’s Prince Alwaleed bin Talal Center for Muslim-Christian Understanding, who has defended Muslim slavery, child rape, and execution of gays.


As it turns out, promoters of Islam have also been busily at work in Jackson, Mississippi. In a recent issue of Affinity, a magazine for teenage girls, you can read about how on March 22, 2016, Jackson’s city fathers proclaimed that every year henceforth April will be celebrated as Islamic Heritage Month. As in Missoula, this decision was motivated by a supposed climate of “backlash and Islamophobia” under the tyrannical heel of Donald Trump. Note, by the way, that both of these cities are located in solid-red states.


Last month, north of the border, the Canadian province of Ontario celebrated “Islamic Heritage Month.” In Toronto, a city considerably larger and more left-wing than Missoula or Jackson, the school board issued a 170-page “resource guidebook for educators” explaining what the city’s teachers should do to ensure their students’ full involvement in the celebration. One introductory bullet point is that, even if no Muslim kids are enrolled in your school, you should take part, so that “all students” can “reflect, celebrate, and learn about IHM and contributions by Muslims to our society.”

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