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UK: Essex Charity names Tommy Robinson as its good will ambassador…….


I think that the lengths he has gone to warn people about the dangers that Islam 101 poses to not only UK society, but all of our Western democracies as as well, earns him the title of good will ambassador.



by Dan Bryans

A local charity has named bestselling author Tommy Robinson as their ‘Goodwill Ambassador’.


Chelmsford based MMBF Trust have this evening announced Robinson as their Goodwill Ambassador, in the shocking move a statement from the charity also confirmed that his role will involve oversight of their new £100,000 arts grant scheme being launched in February 2018.


Robinson a controversial figure who is presently a correspondent for right wing Canadian outlet Rebel Media outlet is said to have accepted the role last week.


MMBF Trust provide grants and scholarships to individuals in the arts, specialising in funding performers and filmmakers. The charity was earlier this year reported to have handed out 1,024 since their launch in 2014.


Robinson’s latest book dubbed “Mohammed’s Koran: Why Muslims Kill For Islam.” has been widely welcomed, a book launch event in Manchester earlier this month was hailed a success whilst reports suggested that Greater Manchester Police tried to prevent the event from taking place by threatening to revoke a venue’s license.


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