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Helsinki City Councillor Fatim Diarra says the only motivation to live in the Finnish countryside is for incest and wife beating…….


She regrets the outrage, she really thought she was being funny and that there was some merit to what she was saying.


– I’m terribly sorry what I said was so terribly cruel and ugly, because it’s not really what anyone should say. She says she can not defend or explain her comment in any way.
– My comment was disgusting and heartless.

Helsinki’s politician on Facebook: “The only reason to move to the countryside is incest” – regrets her outrageous remarks

Greens City Councillor Fatim Diarra regrets comments on Facebook and explains that it was a tasteless black humor that had been removed from its context.
The insulting statements by the Helsinki City Councillor Fatim Diarra (vihr) on social media about the countryside and the people moving there have provoked outrage.

“If you want to live in the countryside, go ahead, but you’re waiting in vain for the same level of services, and the countryside is grim, the only reason to go there is for incest, and no one can hear when a woman shouts for help, Diarra wrote on a private Facebook page on Friday night.


Diarra is a Greens Party member of the  Helsinki City Council in and is also a member of the Uusimaa Regional Council.

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