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Finns Party chairman Jussi Halla-aho besieged by Antifa crowd outside Turku hotel, called a fascist, upset he’s opposed to Islam…….

The violent Left are ratcheting up the violence in Finland, emboldened by the dramatic increase of Muslim settlers.

Halla-aho believes what’s in question is the violent extremist Left. According to Halla-aho, the Antifa during the spring of 2015 infiltrated the  Finns parliamentary election event in Turku, and earlier in Turku, one woman had tried to spit in Halla-aho’s face.

Yesterday’s incident in Turku – masked crowd besieged Halla-aho: “A threatening and aggressive situation”

Sunday 5.11.2017 at 17.18

The Chairman of the Finns Party: “They shouted at me that I was a Fascist.”

  • Jussi Halla-aho chairman of the Finns Party was besieged and disturbed in Turku late Saturday.
  • Halla-aho describes the elements as representatives of “violent Leftist extremism”.
  • He says he will consider using security men on a case-by-case basis.


The Jussi Halla-aho chairman of the True Finns was forced to be besieged by a masked crowd at Turun Night, but was safe at the hotel.

 Jussi Halla-aho, chairman of the Finns Party was besieged by a masked crowd Turku last night, but found safety at the hotel. 


Jussi Halla-aho, chairman of the Finns Party, tells of about the weekend incident in a Facebook post.


– In the evening I went to Turku. Turku is otherwise a nice place, but the violent extremist Left (= Antifa) is regrettably well represented. Elsewhere in Finland you can walk in peace on the street, but there is always something in Turku. I walked with a friend from the restaurant to the hotel. An Antifa member hanged around who apparently alerted a friend to the scene. When I was alone in front of the hotel, five guys, some masked, besieged and started to make noise, Halla-aho writes.


Halla-aho tells Iltalehti that the incident happened “after midnight”.


– I left a restaurant in the center of Turku and my friend accompanied me as a kind of security. We noticed that we got involved with the guy who we saw his typing on his cell phone and clearly called more people to the scene, says the chairman of the Finns Party.


When Halla-aho came to the hotel, there was a crowd of people, some of whom according to Halla-aho were masked.


– At least 3-4 men and one woman. The camouflaged man aggressively turned between me and the hotel door. Both his voice and word choice were threating.


However, the Halla aho was not bodily harmed.


– They asked whether I understood what I have made Finland into. Particularly aggravating to them was that I was opposed to Islam. They also called me a “F*ng fascist”. I told the man that he was challenging for a fight and he just admitted that that was what he was doing.


The situation ended when a taxi arrived in front of the hotel took the attention of the crowd for a moment and Halla-aho got into the hotel. However, one of those who surrounded him followed him inside the hotel, that’s when the hotel staff called the police.


The Turku police confirmed to Iltalehti that they have been notified of the incident.


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