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Secrets of the black stadium: Inside Raqqa’s Islamic State house of horrors……..

Pure evil…


Every single one of these bastards caught, charged and found guilty of these horrors must be executed.

By some accounts, in the final days of battle, after many Syrian members of ISIS were allowed out of the city under a truce, the few dozen foreign fighters in the Black Stadium held hundreds, or even thousands, of people as human shields. Ali thinks that the captured foreign fighters that held civilians hostage should be executed.
“They should be killed, because if they return [to their home countries], they will create problems as they did here,” he said.

Secrets of the Black Stadium: In Raqqa, Inside ISIS’ House of Horror

In the locker rooms, showers, and gym beneath the stadium, ISIS created a prison and torture chambers for its feared security arm.

RAQQA, Syria—The municipal soccer stadium here was always called “The Black Stadium” because of its dark concrete construction, but that name took on a whole new meaning when it became an arena for horror under the rule of the so-called Islamic State.


Today, ISIS is gone and the bleachers are draped with the flags of the U.S.-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF). This was the final redoubt of a handful of ISIS fighters, and when it fell last Friday, victory over that terror organization in its de facto capital was declared complete. But much of the city is destroyed, and for the few people who’ve made it back, memories of what life here was like are hard to retrieve.

“Before, we would play football matches here, before it came under Daesh [ISIS] control,” Issa Xabur, a 42-year-old civilian who once lived in Raqqa, told The Daily Beast as we explored precincts where the spectacle of death replaced the spectacle of sport. “The stadium became known for beheading people,” said Xabur. “It was used as a prison. Eighty percent of the people that were imprisoned here were killed.”


In the locker rooms, showers, and gym beneath the stadium, ISIS created cells and torture chambers for its feared security arm, known as the Amni.


One can still find graffiti written by prisoners and fighters. Some of it is in Russian, some in Arabic, some in English.


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