At Least 60 Islamic State Islamonazis Have Returned to Canada……

This is why they shouldn’t be let back in:


Any western state that does is totally irresponsible and should be held accountable.


At Least 60 Islamic State Fighters Have Returned to Canada

A new report claims that at least 60 Islamists who fought for the Islamic State in Syria and Iraq have been allowed to return to Canada despite some of them not even having Canadian citizenship.

Around 180 individuals, referred to as “extremist travellers” by the Canadian government, who have connections to Canada have travelled to various countries to fight for Islamic State and other radical Islamic terrorist groups. The Canadian government officials call the returning jihadists “extremist travellers” and are now worried that many of them may be a serious security risk to the safety of Canadians, broadcaster Global News reports.


According to the U.S. Soufan Centre, who recently released a report on returning Islamic state radicals, despite the losses for the terror group in the Middle East, the ideology of radical Islamism, “will remain real for many years to come”.


“It is highly likely that even as the territorial caliphate shrinks and is increasingly denied an overt presence, its leadership will look to supporters overseas, including returnees, to keep the brand alive,” the report states.


“If on return they begin again to feel as rootless and lacking in purpose as they did before they left, then they are unlikely to settle back easily into a ‘normal’ life,” the authors wrote and noted that the returning fighters would be, “particularly vulnerable to contact from people who were part of the network that recruited them, or appeals for help from ex-comrades in arms”.


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  1. US law punishes residents who travel abroad to abuse minors. Will this be enforced?

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