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Hilarious: British tabloid Express reads one tweet from Finnish lawmaker then claims Finland is backing Catalonia independence……

Finnish FM, Timo Soini, ex-Finns Party member/leader has already nixed this…he says it isn’t going to happen


After reading the article, man, talk about spin….they take a statement from one minuscule MP from sparsely populated Lapland and make an entire article out of it….sheeesh!  And the headline!


NOTE: No turmoil, no preparing to go against Spain and the Finnish government is not going to recognize Catalonia independence. This is as close to #fakenews as you can get, read one tweet followed by no investigative journalism (call someone at the Finnish foreign office) and voila, there ya have it!


EU TURMOIL: Finland preparing to go against Spain and RECOGNISE Catalonia’s independence

FINLAND could be the first country to officially recognise Catalonia as a republic state, in a move that would put the Scandinavian country in direct opposition to the European Union (EU).


The country’s MP for Lapland Mikko Karna has said that he intends to submit a motion to the Finnish parliament recognising the new fledgling country.


Mr Karna, who is part of the ruling Centre Party, led by Prime Minister Juha Sipila, also sent his congratulations to Catalonia after the regional parliament voted earlier today on breaking away from the rest of Spain.


Should Finland officially recognise the new state of Catalonia this will be yet another body blow to the the EU which has firmly backed the continuation of a unified Spain under the control of Madrid.


European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker warned today that “cracks” were appearing in the bloc due to the seismic events in Catalonia that were causing ruptures through the bloc.


More here.

If Jon Rogers really wanted to make a story, then what about the hypocrisy of the Finnish position:

The Spanish government sacked Catalonia’s president and dismissed its parliament just hours after the region declared itself an independent nation. Soini says Madrid should rely on legislation and negotiation moving forward.
“I don’t consider unilateral declarations of independence fruitful, or sustainable for very long,” Soini said.

Well that’s exactly what Finland did in 2017 during the aftermath of the communist takeover of Russia, unilaterally declared its independence from Russia, the only difference being the Soviet Russians decided to let them go, and the Spaniards are not.

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