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US:  Senate Judiciary Chairman Chuck Grassley Calls For Special Counsel In Uranium One Deal…….

Oh, and a very nervous Hillary has been all over the media calling the story ”debunked”…


Grassley Calls For Special Counsel In Uranium One Deal

Hillary and Bill Clinton (Getty images)

The Department of Justice needs to appoint a special counsel to investigate the Obama-era Uranium One nuclear deal, Senate Judiciary Chairman Chuck Grassley said on Tuesday.


In a statement posted to Twitter Tuesday night, Grassley called on  “whoever in DOJ is capable” of appointing a special counsel to do so, noting that “‘whoever’ means if [you] aren’t recused.”


Grassley’s call for a special counsel follows new reports of Russian bribery operations secured approval for the deal. The Senate Judiciary Committee previously launched a probe into the deal, which was approved after Russia funneled millions of dollars to the Clinton Foundation and a Kremlin-linked bank paid former President Bill Clinton $500,000 in speaking fees. (RELATED: Hillary Calls Uranium One Stories ‘Debunked’)


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