Finland: 4 military conscripts dead and several injured in train vehicle accident…….

Condolences to the bereaved… 


Train collides with military vehicle in the south, several feared dead

An accident between a train and an off-road military lorry in the southern coastal city of Raseborg has affected 11 people. The news agency STT and the Defence Forces report that there are several casualties.

A collision between an off-road military lorry and a train in the southern coastal municipality of Raseborg, or Raasepori in Finnish, has taken several lives this Thursday morning. Those most seriously injured in the incident have been transported to the Töölö hospital in Helsinki.


Kerava emergency services announced shortly before 8 am that a crash had occurred at a level crossing, where a railway line crosses a road.


Railway traffic monitor Reima Roisko has been in contact with the driver of the train and learned that the accident took place at the Leksavallintie intersection.


“A passenger train from Karis to Hanko collided with a vehicle at the level crossing. There were several people injured,” he said.


Police confirm that the vehicle was a military off-road lorry known in Finnish as a Masi.


Rescue Services say 11 people were involved in the incident, but no further information about the details of the injuries or deaths is available at this time.


The Railway Traffic Centre says the route has been shut down for the time being, with buses replacing the trains. Train operator VR says that the replacement buses will depart from the relevant railway stations, and will service the Karis-Ekenäs-Hanko route.



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