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UK-France: Calais police totally incapable of stopping Muslims settlers from heading to Britain…….

If they actually acted like it was a national defense threat and put correct policy into action, there would be none of this…


French police INCAPABLE of stopping Calais migrants making bid for Britain – shock report

FRENCH police are incapable of getting rid of or stopping Calais migrants making a bid for Britain, a scathing report has found.

The shocking revelation comes in an official report which suggests another sprawling Jungle camp will open at the borders again.


The news will come as a blow to French President Emmanuel Macron who vowed to speed up the deportation process of illegal immigrants in France.


However, the report found that the measures designed to prevent asylum seekers reaching Britain’s shores were flawed.


It called on officials to invest in “real scanners” because the heartbeat technology used to detect migrants in lorries at ports is “not efficient”.


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  1. My God, you’re obsessed with Islam and Muslims. Calais refugees aren’t even all Muslims what the hell hahaha. This site is good looking but is full of crap.

    1. Only because Islam is obsessed with us. Most of them are, you’d be hard pressed to say otherwise.

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