US officials tell Syrian rebels to show IS jihadis no mercy, kill them all……..


They must be KILLED’ US orders Syrian rebels to show NO MERCY to British ISIS fighters


US OFFICIALS have told rebel fighters in Raqqa to show no mercy to western ISIS jihadis over fears they could escape and continue the group’s reign of terror.

Senior US adviser Brett McGurk called for anyone who fought for the terror cult to be killed on the battlefield as soldiers celebrated the liberation of their former de-facto capital Raqqa.


He warned anybody who came to the city to join the unholy jihad would die their following their involvement in the spread of the so-called caliphate.


Mr McGurk said: “Our mission is to make sure any foreign fighter who is here, who joined ISIS from a foreign country and came into Syria, they will die here in Syria,”


“So if they’re in Raqqa, they’re going to die in Raqqa.”


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