Sweden security police warn of dad radicalizing his young son, and no he’s not in a madrassa…….

That’s well and good, but this is the same country in 2005 whose own Chancellor of ‘Justice’, Göran Lambertz, refused to prosecute the leaders in the Grand Mosque of Stockholm for distributing tapes in Arabic that incited against Jews .

The Swedish Chancellor of Justice (JK), Göran Lambertz, has refused to press charges for incitement against a mosque in Sweden despite the fact that the JK in his statement ADMITS that the video the mosque had been selling contains material which is “extremely degrading” for the Jews. According to a credible source who understand Swedish:
“calling them apes and pigs, cursing them and calling for Jihad against them, emphasising particularly that suicide bombing is a very effective weapon against them. And the motivation of the JK? He thinks that these statements “should be differently judged and considered to be allowed/legitimate, because they are used by one party in an ongoing deep conflict where battle cries and defamation are contained as everyday elements in the rhetoric around the conflict”.
“In other words, the statements do not, according to the JK, break the Swedish law against incitement! If such is the ruling of the highest law in Sweden, it effectively legitimizes islamic antisemitism, which is really the first step towards a new Holocaust! This has to be virulently faught, by legal means.”

Not that I’m advocating hate speech laws, but simply showing the hypocrisy of these sanctimonious lightweights. A little consistency in law enforcement would go a long way, don’t you think?


Sweden security police warn of dad radicalizing his young son

Sweden’s security police Säpo have raised the alarm over a dad whom they believe is in the process of radicalizing his own son, who is around the age of ten.
Sweden security police warn of dad radicalizing his young son

The boy’s mother, who does not live with his father, has also raised concern, and applied on October 12th for sole custody of the child, who lives part-time with each parent, reports the Dagens Nyheter (DN) newspaper.


The father, who is in his mid-30s, is a previously convicted Nazi sympathizer who is understood to have brought his son to Nazi meet-ups where participants trained hand-to-hand combat using knives.


According to the mother the son has started to share his father’s extreme values and has recently expressed racist comments and questioned the Holocaust.


She also writes in her statement to the court that the man is at risk of being attacked in his home by people opposing his views, which she argues could also put the child in danger.


Three weeks before the mother applied for custody, Säpo filed a report to the social services in the man’s home town on September 20th warning that the son “is in a process of radicalization”.


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