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Mark Steyn: Robert Spencer a “brave crusader against the dopier multiculti illusions bigotry and Islamophobia.” …….

If Robert Spencer wasn’t a real person, he would have to be invented…


I’ve known about Robert for over 12 yrs, followed his speeches, activities and interventions, and even met and dined with him in Belgium at the first Counter-Jihad conference in Brussels. He’s always been a consistent defender of free speech, Western democracy and individual rights and freedoms. His knowledge of Islam and its history is second to none, as well as being a gifted speaker and author. We are more than fortunate to have him on our side at this crucial time in history.


Mark Steyn: Robert Spencer a “brave crusader against the dopier multiculti illusions”

Mark Steyn says that “Robert Spencer [is] the author of several bestselling books on Islam, a brave crusader against the dopier multiculti illusions and the proprietor of the indispensable Jihad Watch.”



One of the dopier multiculi illusions, if not the dopiest, is that criticism of Islam, Sharia, and even jihad terror constitutes “bigotry” and “Islamophobia.” Think I’m exaggerating? British police in helicopters recently swooped down on a garden party. Why? Because the revellers were playing (inadvertently!) a song that mocked Osama bin Laden.


Osama is not even supposed to be a Muslim, right? He is supposed to be a hijacker of the true, peaceful Islam, no? So why is mocking him “Islamophobic,” much less a crime in Britain?


Because the British political and media elites, like their counterparts all over the West, are for various reasons committed to the idea that any criticism of Islam or anything that can even be construed as criticism of Islam is unfairly victimizing Muslims, whom they regard as a persecuted group. But in reality, they are ignoring actual persecution of women, gays, Jews, Christians, secular Muslims, and others.


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