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Sweden: Afghan ”migrant’s rights” spokesman groped 14 y/o girl’s breasts while learning about Christianity at church camp…….

Something tells me that he wasn’t too keen learning anything about Christianity, he was just there “to score”. I guess the current PM Stefan Löfven (pictured with him) didn’t fill him in on the ”does and don’ts” in Swedish society. 


I recall a situation here in Finland at the height of the Muslim settler invasion from Sweden, where one asylum seeker propositioned an actual female priest in full collar (uniform). To be fair, his companions I’m told were not comfortable with the exchange. This does show you however that many of these creeps have seriously different value systems than that of the host society.


Afghan migrant sexually assaulted 14-year-old at church camp in Sweden where he was ‘learning about Christianity’ after he was allowed to sleep in the same bedroom

Political activist: Migrant rights campaigner Moradi, seen here meeting Prime Minister Stefan Löfven, arrived in Sweden in 2014 but has been denied asylum

  • Afghan migrant, 19, ‘groped’ 14-year-old’s breasts and bottom at a church camp
  • Arif Moradi is a spokesperson for an Afghan migrant rights group in Sweden
  • Moradi was at the camp to ‘learn about Christianity’ and acted as a leader
  • Victim claimed he asked her if she wanted ‘a breast and bum massage’ 
  • Moradi and supporters have attacked victim online, calling for ‘punishment’


A 19-year-old Afghan man has been found guilty of sexual molestation of a minor after groping a 14-year-old girl at a Christian church camp in Sweden.


Arif Moradi ‘repeatedly groped the girl’s breast and bottom’ while giving her a massage at the camp in Söderköping, south-east Sweden, where he was a leader.


Within hours of the verdict, Moradi and dozens of his supporters had taken to social media to accuse the young victim of lying and calling for her to be ‘punished’.

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