Finland: Knives confiscated at asylum centers by staff who felt threatened by them…….

 Ya think…?
The minutes below state the following:
The client was being transferred to the Keuru reception center.
Was behaving in a threatening manner towards the staff, situation was tense. A camera
caught the client going to his room with a knife in hand.
The client was in possession of an object to bring harm to another.
To ensure security for transfer the client’s premises were checked and two knives were seized.
The inspection was carried out by a director and two guards for security.

IS explains: This is why asylum seekers have had knives seized from them – one place stands out from the crowd

Dozens of knife blades have been taken from asylum seekers based on security threats.
RECEPTION centers have taken away from asylum seekers several dangerous objects, including dozens of knives and shivs.

According to the law, It’s required to take hazardous objects from asylum seekers at reception centers if it is probable that an asylum seeker will pose a risk to others or him/herself or damage to property.


The reception centers drew up a protocol on seizures.


Ilta-Sanomat has requested the minutes of the seizures from 2016 and 2017 from the Finnish Immigration Service to which copies will be provided by the reception centers. At that time, the minutes were made for more than 80 events and some of them have been recorded with more than one object.


Thirty knifes and shivs were seized by asylum seekers because, according to the protocols, the reception center was afraid of being threatened with them.

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