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Finnish Minister of Justice (hack) admires statist/neo-statist politicians, fails mentioning Thatcher’s appeal to liberty…….

The whole exercise here is pointless…


One should admire totalitarians because they’re forceful in their insane, absurd justifications for their collectivism? Radical Leftist Li Anderson screwed Thai berry pickers of an income and flight back home by sticking her nose in a local labor dispute. Angela Merkel is the modern day architect of how to destroy a modern nation state. His mentioning of Margaret Thatcher was only in the context of how strong willed she was, not the principles that she stood upon while defeating the Labour marxists (and within her own party) on the floor of parliament.


This is what happens when you base your politics and political career on a fluid ideology, not sound, rock solid views/perspectives based upon the philosophy of the Enlightenment.


Minister Häkkänen admires Merkel and Thatcher


Minister Häkkänen has shown admiration for German Chancellor Angela Merkel. He says that he is not so interested in people’s opinions, but on how they justify their opinions. We presented three photos to Häkkänen. This is how he comments on each person.

Li Andersson, Margaret Thatcher and Angela Merkel.
Li Andersson, Margaret Thatcher and Angela Merkel. AOP

Left Alliance Chairman Li Andersson

– A smart, young politician. I appreciate her ability to argue and deal with things. A clear counterbalance for the National Coalition, says Antti Häkkänen.

Former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher

– The Iron Woman of our Time. A person of backbone. She left her hand on history because she knew how to deal with things in critical moments and then steadfastly moved things forward, even though there was much resistance.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel

– 2010 Thatcher. Demonstrate leadership in difficult times. Not only in the German refugee crisis, but also in the internal crisis in Germany and in the development of the EU. She has principles that she doesn’t backtrack on, but in small things she is ready to compromise. She’s a wonderful politician, Häkkänen says.

Yle H/T: Sami

NOTE: He’s a lunatic.

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