Gates of Vienna: AfD to Merkel government, end using the term ‘”right-Extremist” when referring to them……..

I will judge them by their fruits, not by what others say about them.


AfD to the German Government: Cease and Desist With the Term “Right-Extremist”

German law prohibits the government from using tendentious or biased characterizations of legally established political parties that hold seats in the Bundestag. The federal government violated that law with its descriptions of the AfD (Alternative für Deutschland, Alternative for Germany). Germans are well-known sticklers for the rules, and a new legal ruling now requires that the government stop characterizing the AfD as “right-extremist”.


JLH, who translated the article below, includes these comments:

Ripe with contradictions irony and glory, the AfD arrives in force at the Bundestag, only to hear Frauke Petry take her leave of them. She won the battle to censure Björn Höcke for his “monument of shame” speech and prevent him from standing for the Bundestag, but spectacularly lost the battle to take the party mainstream. And two old guys, Gauland and Meuthen, and two women, Weidel and von Storch, piloted the party into parliament by “speaking truth to power”, and it looks like they’ve just gotten started.
Meanwhile, here is a maneuver that sets the government on its heels even before the first session begins. The Tea Party needed something like this against the IRS and assorted lefty enemies in Washington. This is what the Rule of Law is all about.


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