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Four women born in Finland share their painful experiences of being subjected to FGM as girls abroad while on ‘vacation’ with family…….

Seeing that some of these people are in Finland as ‘refugees’, and have traveled back to their home countries from which they fled, why are they being allowed to come back?


“I would have have been whipped if I would have went to outsiders” – New report: Girls being sent abroad from Finland  for circumcision procedures and some are done even without anesthesia

In earlier official reports of travels for circumcision there was only second hand information and suspicions.


Girls in Finland has been taken abroad for circumcision, made known in a report released on Friday .


The report given is from an interview of four women born in Finland  and were taken abroad as girls to be circumcised. 


In earlier official reports of travels for circumcision there was only second hand information and suspicions. HS reported in August that there have been urgent foster care placements in Helsinki due to silent suspicions. 


THE young women interviewed by the SURVEY were aged 18-23, and had undergone circumcisions between the ages of 6-10 in Egypt, Iran, Somalia and Syria. The survey was made by the NGO Fenix, which was handed over to the Ombudsman for Children on Friday.


There was consistency in the interviews. Parents did not tell the children about the purpose of the trip or at least the time. In the operation the pain was excruciating. Two girls did not even get anesthesia, and one of the interviews was afraid of having a heart attack. Within the family, circumcision had not been discussed at all. The girls knew that the family liked it, but the subject was taboo. After the operation, they could not talk to anyone about it: talking with anyone outside the family was forbidden, and within the community it was too “normal” to speak about.


” No, because I knew that you should not talk about it. And I would have had been whipped if I had gotten outsiders involved in which they would not even be able to help . “(One interviewee)


Cutting of the genitalia was also an embarrassment.


Girls are trying to forget the circumcision.


Young women still did not know that circumcision is illegal.


THREE OF THE four interviewees considered the circumcision unnecessary and demanded it to be abolished. One of them described it this way:

“I used to think that it is a part of religion, but now, when I researched, so I understand that it is not so and for me it was extra painful measure. I’m wondering that how it would be if I had not been circumcised, because it is something that I will never know. I just wish I had to make it choice and no one would have decided for me. “

In addition to religion, circumcision was justified for girls by achieving femininity, preserving virginity, and conditional for marriage.


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