Finland: Two asylum seekers attempt double suicide by stabbing themselves on Finnish parliament steps, hospitalized…….


IS: “According to security director Jukka Savola, the men were sitting at the lowest level of the Parliament building. Then they pulled out knives.  – Both stabbed themselves, Savola says. The incident happened at around one o’clock pm. – There was no information about this, no warning, no protest. This was not about anyone outside, but they sat side by side and stuck to themselves. Savola says that the only thing that men found was the yellow pages of the reception centers.

Last year I believe, an asylum seeker supposedly attempted suicide by trying to hang himself from a tree limb by his scarf, but there were dozens of people standing around him at the time in the square adjacent from the Helsinki train station. Right next to the Muslim settler squatter camp.

Double suicide stabbing attempt on Parliament steps

Finnish Parliament security chief Jukka Savola has confirmed that two men have tried to stab themselves on the steps of the Parliament building in Helsinki. They were in possession of ID cards issued by an asylum reception centre.

Two men reportedly tried to kill themselves on the steps of the Finnish Parliament in Helsinki on Friday after one in the afternoon. The institution’s security chief Jukka Savola confirmed the news to The Finnish Broadcasting Company Yle.


“We had just started the plenary session, and the men were seated near the main entrance to the building. There was quite a bit of traffic in the area around that time, but no one was in any danger and the men in question did not threaten anyone,” Savola says.


Savola tells Yle that both men were reportedly in possession of a yellow identity card issued by an asylum seeker reception centre in Finland. He also said the Parliament had received no advance warning of what would transpire.


Hilkka Säävälä, a political reporter for Yle, reports from the scene that the two men have been taken to hospital in an ambulance, and there is blood on the steps in front of the building.


“We’ve got effective cooperation with the police department, and a unit arrived on the scene immediately. The ambulance came in just a few minutes,” says Savola.


The police have reported that the men likely stabbed themselves in the stomach, but say they are not at liberty to release more information about the men’s condition.


Yle will report more on the situation as the details emerge.



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