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UK: Islam 101’er imam found guilty on six counts of encouraging terrorism (discussing Islam) and support for ISIS…….

Of course he did, the Salafi was just preaching Islam 101 (expressing Mohamed’s ancient war cry (jihad) that has never been rescinded).


It’s why I state the obvious, if Mohamed was around today, he would be leading the charge of murder, rape enslavement and general mayhem until those he was busy conquering were finally subdued.

He said: “What’s the nature of life? That you are killed, that you kill and that you are killed. This is your part of the contract…to fight in the way of Allah, to kill and be killed.
“In return for this Allah will give you an everlasting life of pleasure.”

Hate preacher who encouraged children as young as THREE to ‘kill and be killed’ for ISIS faces jail

Iman Kamran Sabir Hussain asked Allah to ‘give the Islamic State the victory’ during a sermon in which he claimed martyrdom was ‘the supreme success’


A hate preacher who told children as young as three that martyrdom is the “supreme success” while encouraging support for ISIS at his charity-funded mosque is facing jail.


Iman Kamran Sabir Hussain, 40, asked Allah to “give the Islamic State the victory” during a sermon in Stoke-on-Trent during Ramadan .


His audiences included Asian men and young children aged between three and 15, according to an undercover law enforcement officer named Qasim who recorded some of the meetings.


Toddlers could be heard babbling as Hussain talked about bullets, sword wounds and killing on one of the tapes.


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