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UK: “Bucket Bomb” Islamonazi suspects arrested at halfway house, five detained thus far…….

The more they scratch, the more they find….

Police seize two Parsons Green bomb suspects at ‘halfway house for asylum seekers’ after arrest of ‘smiling’ Iraqi takes total number detained to five

  • Yahya Faroukh was arrested by undercover police outside takeaway on Saturday
  • Family left Syria in 2012 and moved to Egypt where their father died recently
  • He took a boat to Italy from Egypt in 2013 before going to the UK on a lorry 
  • Pictures show Faroukh, 21, heading by ferry to the Isle of Bute in January 2016 
  • His family insist Syrian refugee is not the man Scotland Yard is looking for


The chicken shop worker arrested over the Parsons Green bombing had been in the Jungle migrant camp in Calais after seeing ‘no future’ for him in Egypt.


Yahya Faroukh, 21, was arrested on Saturday night as he finished a shift at a fried chicken takeaway.


His family have insisted he is innocent and ‘loves the UK’. They left Damascus, in war-torn Syria, in 2012 and moved to Egypt, where their ill father died recently.


He took a boat to Italy from Egypt in 2013 after growing disillusioned with life there. He then made his way to the UK the same year on a lorry.

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