Creeping Sharia: Muslim arrested with weapons cache headed to NYC mosque out on bail…….


New York: Muslim arrested with weapons cache headed to Islamic compound is out on bail

Source: Gun bust defendant released on bond while awaiting trial in November


The Johnson City man facing 16 charges in a massive weapons bust was granted release on bond Tuesday, as he awaits a Nov. 13 trial in Broome County Court.


Ramadan Abdullah, 64, has pleaded not guilty to an indictment charging more than a dozen felonies connected to his arrest in June, which police described as being one of the area’s largest gun take downs in recent memory.


Judge Kevin Dooley granted Abdullah’s release from jail on bond Tuesday, after defense lawyer Matthew Ryan presented the court with two Binghamton properties that would be put up for collateral.


Bail is used to ensure defendants will appear for trial and all pretrial hearings for which they must be present.


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