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Daniel Greenfield: Blacklist America and the White Supremacist Black Church…….

You read that right, the SPLC is actually labeling a conservative black church as …’white supremacist’.


The Southern Poverty Law Center’s blacklists must be stopped.

Daniel Greenfield

The ATLAH World Missionary Church is located in the heart of Harlem right off Malcolm X Boulevard. Pastor David Manning grew up picking cotton in the segregated South. The African-American church and its pastor have had plenty of critics over the years, but none have accused them of white supremacy.


Until now.


Color of Change has rolled out its version of the Southern Poverty Law Center blacklist. The race-baiting group, co-founded by CNN’s Van Jones, put up a petition demanding that credit card companies stop taking “blood money” by “processing funds for over 100 white supremacist hate groups.”


The Color of Change list of “white supremacist hate groups” includes Pastor Manning’s black church. It also features the David Horowitz Freedom Center, Faith Freedom International, the Center for Security Policy, Jihad Watch, Act for America, the Shoebat Foundation, Stop the Islamization of the World, the American College of Pediatricians and, incidentally, Sultan Knish, my own personal blog.


If you believe Color of Change, Ibn Warraq of Pakistan, Brigitte Gabriel of Lebanon and Walid Shoebat of the West Bank, are running “white supremacist” groups. As are David Horowitz, Pamela Geller and me.


More here.

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