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Huff-Poo apologist piece embraces lunatic Lowles assertion that justified fears about Islam/Muslims is ‘worrisome’…….

Yeah, all the displaced, murdered and forcibly converted people across the planet who fell victim to Islam’s sword throughout the span of time and history…. beg to differ.

These jackasses will be the first to convert once the demographics are truly against them.

‘Deeply Worrying’ Fears Around Muslims And Islam Revealed In Damning Report

Nigel Farage has ‘real space’ to launch populist political party.

 30/08/2017 00:17 | Updated 1 hour ago

Britons’ attitudes towards Muslims and Islam have “worsened” with more than half of all respondents to a new survey believing the religion “poses a threat” to the West.


“The fear and hostility displayed towards Muslims is deeply worrying, despite most people claiming that they stand firm against extremists’ attempt to conflate their heinous actions with that of an entire religion,” Hope not Hate (HnH) chief executive Nick Lowles said of the finding’s of the charity’s Fear And Hope 2017 report which was released on Wednesday.


“Clearly there is a lot of work to be done here, both by those tackling hate crimes and misinformation, and potentially by Muslim communities themselves.”


More here.

H/T: Tommy Robinson

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