Daniel Greenfield: Sheriff Arpaio did not commit a crime, he enforced the law…….

We are living in an age where right is wrong, and reality, common sense and reason are turned on its ear.


The left so badly abused our system that it’s become all but illegal to enforce immigration laws.


Sheriff Arpaio and President Trump were both targeted by judges for enforcing immigration laws. Meanwhile Obama was allowed to dismantle immigration laws without hardly any interference.


Let’s be clear about this. Sheriff Arpaio did not commit a crime. He enforced the law.


The only crime committed was by a judicial establishment that decided that illegal immigration should be legalized, the way that it had unilaterally legalized gay marriage, while punishing any opposition to it.


Sheriff Arpaio should never have needed a pardon. The fact that he needed one was a sign of how broken the system is.


But there was never a crime here.


There’s only a judicial establishment that decided that states have the sovereign right to flout immigration law, but not to enforce it. That even the President of the United States has no right to enforce it.


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