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UK: Step by step review on how ‘lone wolf’ jihadi attacked Buckingham Palace guards with machete…….

Lone wolves, but high attentive to the calls to carry out jihad from ISIS and al-Qaida…

We shouldn’t get bogged down in refuting someone’s terminology in describing these jihadis, especially with this one, al-Qaida came up with it as a tactic to frustrate Western intelligence agencies after their top-down structured network became seriously compromised. The use of the term is of course used by the fake media to limit criticism of Islam, Islamic communities etc., but it’s actually a pretty accurate term. That said, many of these ‘lone wolves’ are not so lone, they have others in their cells who are helping out with the logistics. Maybe they should be termed, Lone Wolf Packs.

Step by step, how ‘lone wolf’ Buckingham Palace attacker drove at police who blocked his path and then desperately grappled with him as he hit them with a 4ft sword

Pictured above: How the hero officers blocked the path of the crazed driver. (1)


The suspect’s blue Toyota Prius (highlighted top right with boot open) swerves around the Victoria Memorial in front of Buckingham Palace at about 8.33pm on Friday. (2) Deliberately heading for a parked police van, like the one right, the car smashes through cones and skids to a halt as three unarmed PCs scramble out raising the alarm and sending the Palace into lockdown. (3)


As they approach, the driver reaches into the front passenger footwell of his car for a 4ft sword, which he brandishes as he repeatedly shouts: ‘Allahu Akbar.’ Using CS gas, they successfully wrestle him to the ground – but two officers are cut


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