Finland Police State

Finnish (politicized) police allow counter protesters to harass anti-terror rally, arrest citizen journalist politician for filming Antifa…….

This is an outrage….

I reported yesterday that Junes Lokka was arrested for simply obeying previous police orders. It has now come to light (as I expected) that they came to arrest simply because they could. Using the thin gruel argument of ”provocation”, they arrested the Oulu city councilman for simply filming Antifa activists chanting over the top slogans at participants of the (legal permit holding) rally against terrorism. They themselves were not even engaging them vocally in any way, shape or form.


The anti-terrorism rally had a valid permit while the Antifa protesters just showed up and mounted a disruption event that they’re widely known for and allowed to get away with. Even Finnish state broadcaster YLE reported that they were there without a permit:

The “protest against terrorism” was announced to the police in advance. On the other hand, no announcement was made by the counter-demonstration “Together against fascism and fundamentalism”.

The police however didn’t deem their (Antifa & supporters) over the top shouting and disruptions to be a ”provocation” to the others at the rally, no, just the lone camera man with his girlfriend holding a tablet on a tri-pod capturing on film their lunacy. The Finnish police have become an entirely politicized force and needs to be de-programmed.


Before anyone takes to smearing me as ”anti-cop”, I have been long on record as being pro-law enforcement, my brother-in-law has been a cop in Michigan for over 30 yrs, been even on patrol with him as an observer (we’re allowed to do that there with special permission). What transpired yesterday was a complete violation of Junes Lokka’s civil liberties and I hope that he’s contacting a lawyer to file a complaint and a lawsuit against the Helsinki department for false arrest.


NOTE: I have some differing views and political disagreements with some in the close the borders, Finland First movement, but one thing I do agree with is their unalienable right to express their views, and to do so without any kind of (political) police chicanery. Allowing others to disrupt their events is highly political and a violation of their civil rights, and they do it time and time again.

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  1. Commies decide to arrange a demonstration but won’t bother to report it in advance as the law orders.

    A civil rights promoter films the illegal demonstration.

    Police warns the filming provokes the illegal activists.

    The civil rights promoter gets arrested for filming the illegal demonstration because he provokes the violentful leftist activists.

    Now, does this sound like a commie nation or what?

  2. If the cop allows himself to be used as a tool of an illegal action the he should be treated as a criminal.

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