Fighting Back Islam in Italy Islamic terrorism

Italy: Mayor of Venice says if someone shouts allahu akbar while running through St.Mark’s Square we’ll shoot them”…….

Three cheers for Luigi!

Venice mayor: “If someone shouts Allahu Akbar while running through St Mark’s Square, we’ll shoot them”

Jihadis often scream this as they commit mass murder in the name of Islam, but Muslims shout it in other contexts as well, and so there has been the predictable reaction to Brugnaro’s words: “The mayor of Florence, Dario Nardella, a center-leftist politician, shouted ‘Allahu Akbar’ at Brugnaro after his speech to mock him.” And then this doubly predictable follow-up: “But he later apologized if the joke had caused any offense.”


But what Brugnaro was essentially saying was that he was going to fight back, and not lay down and appease the jihadis and Islamic supremacists, as so many others do. Is there anything wrong with that? Plenty, for today’s Leftists.


More here @ Jihad Watch

NOTE: I was there in St. Mark’s Square in 2008….

Yes, there were plenty of Muslims milling about as well…

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