Islam in Denmark

Denmark: So bad in Nørrebro that Copenhagen parking guards are afraid for their lives……

The Nørrebro area of Copenhagen has a highly dense population of Muslim migrants and serves a breeding ground for crime and violence.

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Gang members push parking enforcement officers out of Nørrebro

It is unsafe to work as a parking enforcement officer at Nørrebro because gang members constitute a daily threat. It now becomes the City of Copenhagen to suspend parking control in certain areas of the district.

It is well known that parking enforcement officers are not always equally popular among the citizens, which is because their work can cost you a lot – when you do not comply with applicable rules.

And it’s sad when suddenly something hangs in the windshield and flaps in the wind. But where most people end up turning their anger inward, other frustrations make it so much that it makes the job insane for the parking guards, who fear for their safety as well.


At Nørrebro it is so bad now that the City of Copenhagen has chosen to cancel parking control in certain areas that are particularly affected by the band conflict. It is not satisfactory, but it is necessary, says Center Manager Jes Øksnebjerg.


“Now we are in a situation where we have a gang conflict. And so we have chosen to pull ourselves from some areas in Nørrebro because we know that not everyone seems to like parking enforcement officers, “he says.


He is annoyed that the gang members are allowed to dictate the work, but for the sake of employee safety, he feels obliged to walk carefully in the affected areas.


“We have contact with the police about this. And I know they are very present in the area and do the work we usually perform so that illegally parked cars are not a source of traffic. For obviously, I do not think my employees can be asked to risk getting a bottle over their head when they go to work, “he says.

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  1. “There are no NOGO zones in western EU .”
    This is a GREAT example of integration keep it up
    Make your country homeless again.!!!

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