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Islamopologist tripe alert: Islamic State is not Islamic…..!

Hold the presses, we’ve all got it all wrong these many years, IS (I wonder if the Islamonazis of Hamas and Hezbollah get the same paint strokes as well) is just a rogue heretical movement that just thinks it’s being Islamic.

I offer this article to counter this BS of an article here.

6 Reasons Why ISIS is Not Islam

POSTED ON: AUG 23, 2017

6 Reasons Why ISIS is Not Islam

By: Ani Karapetyan/Contributing Writer

The Islamic State of Iraq and Sham (Syria) that declared itself a caliphate in 2014, has become infamous with its brutal murders in Syria and Iraq in recent years. This movement is associated with videotapes with the execution of American journalists, provoking hatred between Sunni and Shia Muslims. It’s also associated with massacres of Yazidis and terrorist attacks on Western and non-Western countries.


Despite the fact that ISIS  presents itself as an organization based on the ideology of pure Islam, the actions of the organization show that it is an umbrella organization that has clear geopolitical interests.  In other words, ISIS has a well-designed strategy that covers itself under the name of authentic Islam.

Here are 6 reasons why ISIS cannot be called Islam:

1. Most of the recruits of a terrorist organization that calls itself an “Islamic State” do not have a serious knowledge of Islam and Sharia. According to the Associated Press survey, 70% of the ISIS recruits had only a little knowledge of Islam.  

[TT: How many low level soldiers in the various armies of the world are fully fluent in the Geneva Conventions and battle tactics studied in military colleges/institutions that their officers are trained in? Answer, very few, but that doesn’t stop them from being soldiers, confident that their officers do in fact have a great grasp of them, enough so to lead them into battle.]

2. Islamic military law prohibits the killing of civilians, the use of children in war, which is actively used by ISIS.

[TT:  Sahih International: ”And fight them until there is no fitnah and [until] the religion, all of it, is for Allah. And if they cease – then indeed, Allah is Seeing of what they do.” Verse (8:39) As for using children, Iran is notorious for its use of children in clearing minefields for its troops during the Iran-Iraq war, handing them plastic keys to enter into heaven with. Hamas is also well known for its indoctrination and use of children in its terrorist war against the Jewish state of Israel. Both entities are well known for their strict adherence to Islamic sharia.]

3. ISIS members read the Koran selectively, tearing out separate verses from the context, as they are more convenient. For example, they execute enemies without observing the rules of fiqh, Islamic jurisprudence, prescribing first to prove guilt in all the severity of the law, with witnesses, and so on.

[TT: This is pure sophistry. IS has it’s own Islamic scholars who go over every line and verse with a fine tooth comb. They hold their sharia courts as they see it, and since there is no central Islamic seat that hands out official rulings like the Holy See in Rome for Catholics, Islamic scholars hand out rulings and imams their fatwas according to their dictates, and very able to underline their reasoning in doing so based on Islamic sources.]

4. A striking evidence of their duplicity and deceit is the fact that even in the months which are defined as peaceful and forbidden, that is, “Haram” for waging all kinds of wars and confrontations, ISIS keeps on its brutality. In those months when a true Muslim needs to show mercy even to his enemies, the henchmen of ISIS continue to carry out their excessive violence and cruelty, continue to blow up, kill, mock the honor and conscience of people, and continue to abuse holy feelings of believing Muslims.

[TT: Once again the use of sophistry to cast the reader’s gaze elsewhere. IS has its own scholars, its own sharia courts, and while Muslims may disagree with those courts, other Muslim scholars around the world know that they’re (IS) just being sharia compliant, and will quote chapter and verse to validate that point.]

5.The strategy of the purposeful provocation of panic, directly among the enemy’s combat orders and among the population has proved its effectiveness in military history among the Chinese, Mongolian, and Hungarian conquerors. This approach is actively used in the military strategy of ISIS. It combines the tactics of carrying out fast military operations, the use of ambushes, simultaneous terrorist attacks, hostage taking, and a sophisticated psychological war based on deception, frightening rumors, and ostentatious atrocities that are designed to cause both horror and admiration with visual and emotional shock. This shock is meant to deprive enemies of any will and even the desire to fight and resist. The tactics of preliminary psychological and propaganda intimidation are designed to lead the enemy into a state of paralysis and stupor.

[TT: In trying to prove the ”secular nature” of IS command structure , she points out the fact that other armies throughout history have used terror in their tactics in fighting their enemies. Perhaps she should the koranic verses that validate the use of terror in Islamic warfare: “008.012  Remember thy Lord inspired the angels (with the message): “I am with you: give firmness to the Believers: I will instill terror into the hearts of the Unbelievers: smite ye above their necks and smite all their finger-tips off them.”]

6. Another striking evidence that ISIS is not Islam is its leadership which consists of secular ex-Baathists soldiers. ISIS intelligence services are called Emni, which means “safety” in Arabic. Emni keeps the internal order of ISIS ruled areas and also organizes external attacks. Emni’scommanders are mostly ex-Baathist soldiers from Saddam Hussein’s regime. These intelligence agents are highly experienced and organized. Emni’s methods of repression are similar to any totalitarian regime’s methods of repression: kidnapping, murders, rape, and tortures. They create a security environment in which even a small mistake or disobedience will cost its citizens their lives, just as it was under Saddam’s and has been under other Middle Eastern secular regimes.

[TT: So what? The Taliban consists of a lot of former Afghan government officials/supporters of the old Najiberi marxist regime. All Afghans are schooled in Islam in the many madrassas dotting the landscape. So to in Hussein’s Iraq. This is not a valid argument.  Ani Karapetyan is simply trying to blame the murder and mayhem on ‘secular’ impulses, not Islamic ones, when in fact, Mohamed, the founder of Islam did all the things she blames on ”Baathist” IS.

Taken from ArabAmerica

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