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Morocco: Video of teens gang raping mentally ill girl on bus sends country into shock……..

H/T: Pat Condell: “Gang rape on a bus shocks Morocco. It wouldn’t shock Europe.”

They’re busy doing it here in Europe. Are Moroccans upset because it’s a Muslim girl being raped, what if it was an ‘infidel’, would the outrage be the same?

Gang rape of woman on public bus sends shockwaves across Morocco

Six teenage suspects were arrested in Morocco on Monday after video footage purporting to show young men raping on a bus caused widespread outrage on social media.


The video appears to show three young men forcibly undressing the woman and forcing themselves on her while others cheered them on amid a burst of laughter and shouting. The woman could be head repeatedly resisting them while crying out loud for them to stop.


This incident has been widely condemned by Moroccans, especially after a recent surge in rape cases in the North African country and the rise in crime rates.


“What happened today in that city in Morocco can never be tolerated because it is a crime against humanity and society as a whole and it is a blatant violation of all Moroccan laws, as we have come to try to rape a mentally ill girl on a public transport bus,” a blogger from the city Salé said.


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