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Finnish PM Sipilä overgeneralizes religions to downplay chief role Islam plays in slaying ‘infidels’…….

Despicable, these maroons will be the death of us, literally……

There are major differences in belief systems, Islam is in a category all of its own and that’s a fact.

Cool heads must prevail


Sipilä said in his speech that the Turku attacks should be “condemned as repulsive and cowardly”. He said the stabbing were inhumane against everything religions hold sacred.


He urged people to show restraint and be trusting of others, and not let an individual incident lead to far-reaching conclusions.


“We have to resist breaking into camps. We need to build bridges now,” said the Prime Minister.



NOTE: There is only one ‘religion’ that I know of that commands its followers to slay/subjugate people until the earth is under (Islamic) control.

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  1. If Fins vote for this ugly moron who appears to me to be a sexual deviant. Look into his ice cold eye’s, the rubbery ill formed mouth covered in slobber – frankly you are better off voting for the woman with Balls with common sense regarding the immigrant problem. I paint portraits and very quickly through observation can determine what kind of person I am painting right through to the soul. This man’s skin is pallid unhealthy complexion – hair just graying at the temples – bad shaving and pock marks on skin. Would produce an interesting painting of a modern day Dorian Grey!

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