Finland: Fourth suspect in Turku stabbing jihad attack remanded in court…….

Lets hope his lawyer isn’t of the ‘slip-n-fall variety….

In that he’ll use every trick in the book to get him off, especially if he know’s that he guilty.

The fourth suspect in Turku attack was remanded

Court hearing of men suspected in the Turku attack took place at the District Court of Southwest Finland on Tuesday.


The main suspect in Turku’s stabbing attack is Abderrahman Mechkah, 18 years of age. He has already been jailed for the most likely cause of suspected terrorist killings and assassination attempts.


In addition to the main suspect, a fourth detainee was handled on Tuesday.


In addition to the main suspect, 18-year-old Mohamed Bakier has been imprisoned for the most likely cause of suspected murder in two terrorist intentions and eight attempts. He denies, according to his lawyer, his involvement.


More here @ IL (in Finnish)

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