Finland: Asylum seekers plan reverse hijra, go back to Sweden for better opportunities…….

The Swedes are saying no way after allowing them through in the first place.

The irony of it all…

Asylum seekers in Finland on their way to Sweden

Spokesperson: Hope for greater opportunities to stay in Sweden

A group of asylum seekers in Finland plans to go to Sweden through the border in Haparanda / Torneå in early September to seek asylum in Sweden instead.


According to a spokeswoman for the asylum seekers, there may be hundreds, perhaps up to a thousand people.


Something that both the border police and the Migration Board are now preparing for.

– Yes, we know the information and we will look at those tasks, “says Lisa Danling at the Migration Board’s press service.


“And if there were a larger number of people seeking asylum here, we have to be prepared for it. What does that mean? This means that there are people who can pick up their asylum application and start that process simply.


It was last week that circulated data in social media and Finnish newspapers that, in particular, Iraqi asylum seekers in Finland in a joint action will try to get to Sweden and Haparanda in a couple of weeks.


Nuor Dawood is the spokesman for the asylum seekers:

“It can range from one hundred to a thousand people, maybe more, who will first negotiate with Finnish police at the border to hopefully continue on foot into Sweden and Swedish authorities,” says Nuor Dawood.

More here in Swedish @ SVR

H/T: Snaphanen

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  1. Hi Guys, It was just to say thank you so much for creating a great website and posting and linking to the many diverse and important topics which chart and chronicle the assault of the West. I especially want to thank you for posting the video of the conversation between Gad Saad and Raheem Kassam. It is a first class discussion and I cannot recommend it highly enough. Around the 30 minute mark Raheem talks about how massively depressing this topic is, and how its on his mind virtually all of the time, making him sometimes not wanting to get up in the morning. He articulates eloquently my own feelings, and how this distopian nightmare pervades so much of my daily life. As a friend of mine said just a few days ago, We Are At War Gentlemen!

    1. More than welcome and thanks for the kind words, it’s been a long work in progress. I also agree with your sentiments.

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