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Spokesman for Finnish Intelligence to Vice News: Finnish jihadis come from diverse backgrounds, no idea what ties or motives them …….

Understanding Islam, jihad as a military threat doctrine is crucial into understanding their movement as a whole, both violent and stealth jihads. The overarching goal is to implement the sharia on a global scale.

“Those who have went [to Syria] have 19 different ethnic backgrounds. There is nothing to tie them together and no single explanation as to why they go,” Leinonen assured me.

How the World’s Safest Country Produced So Many ISIS Fighters

Finland, which last week had its first terror attack, spawns the most foreign ISIS fighters per capita of Muslims.


Two women were stabbed to death in Turku on Friday, in what authorities say is the first terror attack to be carried out on Finnish soil. The victims, aged 66 and 31, died as eight others were wounded by an 18-year-old Moroccan suspect named as Abderrahman Mechkah, who witnesses say shouted “Allahu akbar” while chasing women during the stabbing spree, before he was shot in the thigh by police.


Mechkah is believed to have come to Finland as an asylum seeker last year, and lived initially in a centre for minors, before moving to the main Pansion reception centre in the city. Four more Moroccan men were arrested in house searches around the suburbs of the city, and an international arrest warrant has been issued for a sixth suspect. Police investigations are ongoing, and Mechkah is due to appear in court today via video-link from hospital.


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