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J.E.Dyer: Iran-backed missile plants busting all over western Syria, Lebanon…….

Big trouble for Israel who has them dead in its sites….

Iran-backed missile plants busting out all over western Syria, Lebanon

Last week, numerous news sites picked up on a report that Iran has been helping to construct a missile production complex in Syria near the coastal city of Baniyas, north of Tartus.


Analysts at ImageSat International (ISI) published an analysis of Israeli satellite imagery that suggested a similarity between structures at the Syrian site and structures at “an Iranian missile factory near Tehran.”


The comparison images used by ISI show buildings from the missile factory complex at Parchin, southeast of Tehran (see images below).  This area of Parchin has been involved in manufacturing Scud, Fateh 110, Zelzal, and other shorter-range missiles for some time.  Surface-to-air missiles and antitank missiles are also reportedly manufactured there, along with certain parts for the intermediate-range Shahab and Ghadr missile programs.



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  1. M.O.A.B’s on these sights under the cover of darkness guided by drones equipped with night vision, on a moonless night, are drones also equipped with stealth (not coming up on radar)? It is time to act Russia & US as well as Israel & China. The weapons sites have to be destroyed, a smart ex KGB or CIA Operative to take out the religious maniacs. For sure the majority of the IRANIAN people would be grateful. How Iran was under the Shah was free unless you happened to be a religious fanatic, then you were thrown in jail probably tortured and murdered – so? What is Islam doing to the rest of the world?

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