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France: Terrorist attack in Marseille, driver rams two bus stops killing one woman, KNOWN TO POLICE……..

And the wave of jihad continues…..

BREAKING: Marseille terror as white van ploughs into two bus shelters, at least one dead

AT LEAST one person was killed and another injured in Marseille after a white van crashed into two bus shelters in different parts of the southern French city.


French police said one person was killed in an initial crash at a bus stop, then another person was injured in a second crash at another bus stop in the Aix-en-Provence port town popular with British tourists.


The victim who was killed has been confirmed to be a 42-year-old woman, while the second, injured victim is a 29-year-old woman.


The 35-year-old driver was arrested at the scene, a French police source said.


It is not clear if the man drove into the bus shelters deliberately.


Police said he is a French national who did not live in Marseille but was known to the authorities.


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