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US: NSC directer McMaster the Disaster’s anti-Israel animus exposed, called Israel ”illegitimate occupying power”…….

Like I keep saying, dump this chump….

Robert Spencer observes:

If the Trump administration is going to have any integrity and coherence in its policies toward Israel and the jihad threat in general, McMaster (and all his allies and cohorts) must go. And the sooner the better. The Trump administration has been sending mixed signals since its inception. It’s a far cry from the confidence and decisiveness that Trump projected on the campaign trail. If Trump doesn’t soon recover some sense of what he initially intended to do, he will end up being Obama’s third term.


“Official: McMaster calls Israel ‘illegitimate,’ ‘occupying power,’” by Jordan Schachtel, Conservative Review, August 3, 2017 (thanks to the Geller Report):

It’s not a coincidence that national security adviser H.R. McMaster has chosen to eliminate the pro-Israel voices at the National Security Council, three West Wing and defense officials (who chose to speak on background for diplomatic sensitivity reasons) told Conservative Review.
In interviews with several current and former members of President Trump’s inner circle, a profile of McMaster has emerged as a man fiercely opposed to strengthening the U.S. alliance with the Jewish state.
On Wednesday, American-born Israeli journalist Caroline Glick detailed explosive allegations concerning McMaster’s views on Israel. Glick is a well-known pro-Israel columnist and has established connections with the Trump administration. Many of the details in this story emerged from questions asked about Glick’s allegations.
The list of pro-Israel voices in the administration that were removed from McMaster’s National Security Council now includes: Steve Bannon, K.T. McFarland, Ezra Cohen-Watnick, Derek Harvey, Rich Higgins, Adam Lovinger, and Tera Dahl.
McMaster not only shuns Israel, he is also historically challenged on Arab-Israeli affairs, according to the sources.
“McMaster constantly refers to the existence of a Palestinian state before 1947,” a senior West Wing official tells CR (there was never an independent Palestinian state), adding that McMaster describes Israel as an “illegitimate,” “occupying power.”
The NSC chief expressed great reluctance to work with Israel on counterterror efforts, as he shut down a joint U.S.-Israel project to counter the terrorist group Hezbollah’s efforts to expand Iran’s worldwide influence. The project was led by the now-former NSC Middle East director Derek Harvey.


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