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Daniel Greenfield: ADL attacks critics of anti-Israel McMaster as antisemitic…….

I saw the cartoon in question, and I thought the Rothschild addition to it wrong, and a very terrible idea…

That said, Greenfield has an excellent point here, the ADL goes into full fledged outrage mode, but is entirely silent over real and troublesome evidence of actual Democrat Jew hatred, which includes anti-Israel sentiment.


There’s a very easy tell.


Some Trump people get attacked ceaselessly in the media and by the left. Others are relentlessly defended by the media and the left.


You have to ask yourself why.


No really. Stop and ask yourself why.


The ADL decided to roll out a defense of McMaster by accusing Mike Cernovich, an online critic of McMaster of anti-Semitism. Now this is the same organization that signed off on Keith Ellison, despite his long history of anti-Semitism and membership in an anti-Semitic hate group, whose position Linda Sarsour has been erratic at best, and which decided to give a pass to the Davis Jewish genocide Imam.


Somehow though the ADL thought this was an urgent crisis. Why? Well apparently the ADL doesn’t like the cartoon that was used as an illustration. So it drags out the claim that being critical of Soros is anti-Semitic. Never mind that George Soros is anti-Semitic. The Rothschild part of the cartoon does tend to be a more reliable anti-Semitic dog whistle, but that part was removed.


More here.

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