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Hungarian PM: We are the hope of Europe’s future…….

So much hangs on so few leaders and their people…..

Viktor Orbán: In 1990 Europe Was Our Future. Now We Are Europe’s Future.

The current Hungarian government is a coalition between the Fidesz political party and the Christian Democratic People’s Party (KDNP). Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán is the leader of Fidesz.


Every year Fidesz holds an “open university” colloquium at the Tusnádfűrdő resort, at which Mr. Orbán is one of those who customarily give an address. The following video shows this year’s speech by the prime minister, which he gave yesterday afternoon in Tusnádfűrdő.


I find Mr. Orbán’s speeches very inspiring, even though I’m not Hungarian. He says things that no other Western leader says — or dares to say. His voice rings with courage and conviction, and behind his words is the force of a formidable intellect.


The address below is forty-eight minutes long. For readers who are on a tight schedule, Vlad is planning to produce a ten-minute excerpt that includes some of the most interesting and relevant parts.


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